Thermaltek specializes in the design and manufacture of heating equipment for alloying, recycling and die casting magnesium. We offer a completely integrated system or individual components such as die casting furnaces, pre-heaters, control systems, heating elements, transfer tubes and pumps.

A complete die-casting cell with (2) 7500 lb capacity melting furnaces and a 2,200 lb/hr pre-heater. Ingots are pre-heated to 450 °F in a chamber with re-circulated air. This avoids subjecting the ingots to direct radiation for a much safer operation.

Furnace Model TM1650 TM3000 TM5000 TM6600 TM7500 TM11000
Melt Rate(LBS/HR) 650 1000 1600 1900 2200 2750
Capacity(LBS) 1650 3000 5000 6600 7500 11000
Ingot Preheater Model TPH2200 TPH1000
Capacity#HR 2200 1000

* Non standard furnace sizes are available to meet customer�s specific needs.
Thermaltek Manufactures Furnace Equipment for Alloying, Recycling and Die-Casting Magnesium ** Available for round or bath tub style crucibles.

Thermaltek high temperature furnaces utilize a thermally efficient, high temperature fiber lining to minimize thermal losses through the furnace walls, with a high alumina cast refractory floor. This allows the furnace to melt at higher capacities, translating into more production for the customer.

Heating elements are designed for long life and reliability. Typical life expectancy is between 5 and 10 years. Multiple heating elements are connected in parallel to insure the minimum percentage of power goes down if an element fails. Elements can be controlled separately in the height of the furnace for better temperature control. The open coils are freely radiating which allow the wire to operate at minimum possible temperature for maximum life. In the event of a failure the wire can be easily repaired by welding. Heating elements are placed in all four sidewalls and the floor to give even heat around the crucible and maximizes the surface area available to transfer heat.


Magnesium Batch Melting Furnaces 350# Capacity


7,500 lb capacity Cold Chamber Furnace


Thermaltek offers simple or complex integrated control systems depending on customer’s specific requirements.


5,000 lb capacity Cold Chamber Furnace


3,000 lb capacity Cold Chamber Furnace


Thermaltek Hot Chamber furnaces are custom designed to accommodate the existing die-casting machine requirements. High powered heating elements are provided to maximize the limited space constraints.


Thermaltek recycling / re-melting furnaces are used for all classes of magnesium scrap, including scrap parts, biscuits & runners. Our heating equipment is used in both dedicated recycling plants and in-house re-melting operations.


both dedicated recycling plants and in-house re-melting operations. Thermaltek Manufactures Furnace Equipment for Alloying, Recycling and Die-Casting Magnesium Thermaltek manufactures ovens for heat treating & stress relieving magnesium castings: A high temperature recirculating forced air heating system for efficient and safe processing of the castings.


Thermaltek multiple zone heated molten magnesium transfer tube has a split casing for easy access to the heating elements.