Thermaltek manufactures and supplies heating elements for a wide variety of furnace applications and provides both O.E.M.’s and end users with custom designed solutions.

Thermaltek has state of the art in-house manufacturing capabilities for all metallic element configurations up to 1400°C  including coils, rod overbend, bayonet, porcupine and cast ceramic Power Panel heaters. With a large inventory of materials and sizes Thermaltek is renowned for its fast response to delivery requirements. Various grades of material are available depending on the application.

Metallic Elements

  • For element temperatures up to 1400°C 
  • Coils, rod overbend, bayonet, porcupine
  • Power Panel cast refractory and ceramic fiber modular heaters
  • Ceramic plate heaters, embedded or open groove
  • Custom made for your application

Silicon Carbide

  • For element temperatures up to 1625°C 
  • Solid or spiralled, single and multi leg

Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2)

  • For element temperatures up to 1850°C 
  • Straight or bent elements
  • U shape or multi shank
  • Standard sizes: 3/6, 4/9, 6/12, 9/18 and 12/24