Thermaltek designs and manufactures custom high temperature furnaces and heating equipment for ceramic and glass applications including sintering, de-binding, high temperature firing, thermal cycling, calcining, rapid heating, optical fiber drawing, glass annealing and melting.


  • Operating temperatures to 1800° C
  • Low thermal mass ceramic fiber insulation or insulating firebrick
  • Simple or complex integrated control systems
  • Industrial grade rugged steel frame construction
  • Air or protective atmosphere
  • Low pressure or vacuum
  • Firing Chamber sized to suit specific application


  • Elevator/bottom loading Kilns
  • Front loading box furnaces
  • Top hat/Bell furnaces
  • Lab kilns
  • Thermal Cycling Furnaces
  • Low Pressure Furnaces
  • Retort furnaces
  • Split tube furnaces
  • Ovens
  • Car Bottom Furnaces