High temperature and resistance material

Our materials products are used for the manufacture of heating elements, thermocouples and a range of highly demanding high temperature applications.


Wire and ribbon for resistance heating, electrical resistance and conductive applications.

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Strip for use in electrical resistance and high-temperature applications.

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Bar, billet, rod, tube & plate

Depending on your needs Kanthal® can provide certain grades in many different forms. This includes sizes from large primary products down to the wire.

  • Kanthal offers hot rolled round bars in sizes from 8-50 mm. In addition, we offer hot rolled flat bars in widths 20-100 mm and 5-50 mm thickness.
  • Bars are as standard delivered in hot rolled black condition. These can also be delivered peeled, pickled or shot blasted.
  • Bars are delivered in standard length 4500 mm.
  • Other sizes, finishes and lengths can be done upon request.
  • In FeCrAl, NiCr and Kanthal APM® alloys, with proprietary powder metallurgy giving enhanced mechanical properties in high temperature environments.
  • Tailored for use as terminals for heating elements but can also be used as load bearing components within high temperature and furnace environments.
  • Kanthal bars are produced and inspected to ensure resistivity, mechanical properties, oxidation resistance and tight dimensional tolerances.
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